Once again we’re proud to have ARRI ITALIA as TERRE DI CINEMA main technical partner for cameras and lighting.  A partnership of excellence that started on the very first edition of our festival and honor us with all that such brand represents in the history of cinema and cinematography.

We deepfully thank mr. Antonio Cazzaniga, General Manager di ARRI ITALIA,for being such an enthusiastic supporter of TERRE DI CINEMA.

ARRI ITALIA will expose its products on the OPEN DAY, Sunday Sept. 1st, and will hold an in-depth workshop on Monday September 2nd with testing and practical demos for the students and the public of TERRE DI CINEMA.

In this framework, ARRI ITALIA will present, as a premiere for the Sicilian audience,  the revolutionary L- Series, a perfect like-for-like replacement of traditional Fresnels with LED-based units.

ARRI_L7_T_M90 (640x401)
ARRI L7 – official link

Another keystone of contemporary digital cinema,  ALEXA will be among the other products that ARRI ITALIA will provide with  TERRE DI CINEMA 2013.   Alexa indeed needs no presentation, having set, since its birth, the “rules of the game” in the domain of digital acquisition imagery, for its unmatched quality, reliability and versatility.

ARRI ALEXA – official link

All the ARRI equipments and accessories will be used by the students of the CIneCampus 2013 for their exercises, tests and the shooting of the promos.



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