Extended CineCampus TDC17 – Making of

 From May 27th till 31st 2017, 30 students divided in 10 international crews shot 10 short films in over 30 different historical and naturalistic locations in between the Mount Etna and the town of Catania, rolling more than 6,000 mt of Kodak 35mm film stock and involving 45 professional and non professional actors.  A massive production effort of which this video recounts the last day of shooting in Catania.

Special guest: award winning cinematographer Ed Lachman ASC.

Extended CineCampus TDC17 Workshops – Lighting & Loading

A panoramic on the cinematography and camera workshops preliminary to the shooting of the short films of the Extended CineCampus TDC17.  The goal was to get cinematographers and camera operators ready to shoot on 35mm film stock provided by Kodak Motion Picture Film.  The workshops were held by Osama El Khair, Krum Rodriguez BAC and Vincenzo Condorelli AIC at Studi Cinematografici Siciliani.

TDC16 CineCampus Workshops & Events

A panoramic on the workshops and events held by the 2016 CineCampus of Terre di Cinema – International Cinematographers Days – 6th Edition, featuring: Alan Bernstein, Kemal Akhtar, Christian Berger, AAC, Matyas Erdely, HSC, Ira Tiffen, Sebastien Barbedienne, Federico Vio, Sebastiano Gesù, Vincenzo Condorelli, AIC.

Christian Berger, AAC – Masterclass at TDC16

We have been delighted to have master of light Christian Berger, AAC among the guests of the 2016 Edition of Terre di Cinema.  An acclaimed cinematographer, director, producer and writer, he has realised the cinematography of Michael Haneke’s masterpieces such as The Piano Teacher (2001) and The White Ribbon (2009).  Participants to Christian Berger’s Masterclass also had the chance to enjoy a detailed dissertation on his revolutionary Cine Reflect Lighting System.  Thanks Christian for having been part of TDC16.

Alan Bernstein’s Masterclasses at TDC16

Having shaped generations of successful filmmakers from all over the globe while serving as Head of Studies of the London Film School, Alan Bernstein featured at TDC16 with a series of classes on directing style and strategies.  Thanks Alan for giving the students of the TDC16 CineCampus the chance of participating to your inspiring lectures and thorough analysis of cinema as a collaborative art form.

TDC16 CineCampus Short Films Trailer

A trailer of the 6 short films shot during the 2016 CineCampus of Terre di Cinema.  Thanks to our fantastic technical partners: ADCOM, SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH and K5600 Lighting  who provided our crews with cutting-edge equipment and know-how.  A special thanks to MURGO WINERY, our main Sicilian Partner, and its very dedicated staff who made our staying at TDC16 simply unforgettable.

The students of the TDC16 CineCampus:


Maayan Cohen (Israel), Max Shlomovitz (Israel), Kelly Walsh (USA), Sara Sabik (Morocco), Eyal Elisha (Israel), Emilio Costa (Italy)*


Elena Chiappa (Italy), Anna Gaggero (Italy), Patricia Lopes (Portugal), Nelisa Alcalde (Spain), Giovanni Macedonio (Italy), Felix Schmilinksy (Germany), Jacopo Meneghin (Italy), Sudeep Dwivedi (India), Milena Stoykova (Bulgaria), Cristiano Di Nicola (Italy), Matthew Hicks (United Kingdom), Emilio Costa (Italy).