the goal

Traditional Cinematographers' tools.

Terre di Cinema is an international film festival devoted to the art and craft of cinematography, the fundamental dimension of any film set that, starting from the choice of the lighting for each scene, embodies all the creative and technical elements of the non verbal narrative and visual style of any film.

The main goal of TERRE DI CINEMA is to favour and promote a greater visibility of young talents of European cinema and, by doing so, a better knowledge and understanding of the art and craft of cinematography, establishing networks and connections in between the present and future protagonists of the industry.

The Festival relies on an original formula highlighting the work of the cinematographers:  the director’s first collaborators on set, those who transform, slate after slate, their vision and stories into moving images. 

In this framework TERRE DI CINEMA focuses on the new, emerging talents who are reshaping with their visions the aesthetic of European and international cinema.  It offers a screenings, articulated into various thematic sections, masterclasses, technical workshops and a residential CineCampus attended by film students from all over Europe and the rest of the world.   

As Fellini wrote: “in cinema light is the idea, the feeling, the color, the depth, the atmosphere, the style, the narrative, the poetic expression.  Films are written by light”.

Vincenzo Condorelli (AIC) – creator and artistic director





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