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TERRE DI CINEMA relies on an  international partnership of excellence emboding Cinematography in all its aspects, with a special emphasis on:

  • emerging talents in cinematography in Europe and the Mediterranean region
  • international public film schools training the future professionals of the cinematographic industry
  • world leading manufacturers and providers of digital image acquisition systems and workflow

An original and open formula committed at advancing the mutual exchange of knowledge and experiences across the borders and  the strenghtening of professional and human connections within the international filmmaking community.   By doing so, TERRE DI CINEMA contributes to the promotion, appreciation and dissemination of Cinematography to the public.

In order to achieve those goals, TERRE DI CINEMA has brought together a pool of high profile protagonists of the above mentioned domains:

il sito ufficiale
AIC website

AIC – Associazione Italiana Autori della Fotografia Cinematografica is the Italian society of cinematographers – founded in 1950 by Tonino Delli Colli (AIC, ASC) among the others – it is one of the most important cinematographers associations in the world.

For the past 60 years AIC has been actively engaged in fostering the highest quality standards for the cinematographic industry and campaigning for cinematographers rights worldwide, as in the case of the struggle for the recognition of the cinematographer’s co-authorship rights of the cinematographic image.  These rights have already been recognised in several European countries such as: Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria.

TERRE DI CINEMA was born within this framework, as an event dedicated to cinematographers and made by cinematographers, under the guidance of the great cinematographer Luciano Tovoli (AIC, ASC), whose precious experience in this field dates back to the Giornate Internazionali dell’Aquila, Europe’s first festival ever dedicated to Cinematography, and the artistic direction of cinematographer Vincenzo Condorelli (AIC).

IMAGO official website
IMAGO official website

In 1992, Luciano Tovoli, at that time President of AIC, created IMAGO – European Federation of Cinematographers in collaboration with AFC (France), BSC (United Kingdom) and BVK (Germany).

Today IMAGO gathers 33 Cinematographers national societies of European member states and the participation of 14 countries from the rest of the world such as: Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, India, Canada, New Zealand, Israel and Japan.


il sito ufficiale
CSC website

Since the first edition of 2011, TERRE DI CINEMA developed an organic collaboration with Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – glorious Italy’s national film school  – with the participation of its students, both from the Sicily regional department and the central one in Rome, to all the activities.   Founded in 1935, it is the oldest film school in Western Europe and Italy’s main public institution for training, research and experimentation in the field of cinema.   Among its graduates, directors Michelangelo Antonioni, Giuseppe De Sanctis, Pietro Germi, Luigi Zampa, Marco Bellocchio, cinematographers Vittorio Storaro (AIC, ASC), Luciano Tovoli (AIC, ASC), Nestor Almendros (ASC).

In 2012, two other international film school joined TERRE DI CINEMA:

NARAFI website

LUCA-NARAFI, founded in Brussels in 1939,  is the first & as such oldest institute teaching cinema in Belgium.      Among tha founding fathers were pioneers of the Belgian film & broadcast media of the time of international standing, alongside notable politicians.  The original historical name NARAFI should be read in full as National Radio and Filmtechnical Institute. In 1995 it merged within the Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst, now LUCA School of Arts, the largest of its kind in Belgium.  The school currently enrolls 320 students trained in all the cinematographic disciplines and in photography over a 3 years BA programme.

il sito ufficiale
il sito ufficiale

Established in 1972, the Tel Aviv University Film & Television Department is the largest film school in Israel, attended by 750 students every year, and the only one that is part of an academic faculty of arts.  It provides a balanced combination of theoretical and practical studies in five degrees (BA, BFA, MFA).  It produces 50-60 student films a year, participating in over 200 international film festivals annually.  Among the distinguished alumni: Rafi Bukai (Avanti Popolo), Ari Folman (Waltz with Bashir), Hagai Levi (In Treatment), Eytan Fox (Walk on Water, The Bubble).


Since the early cameramen days, cinematography has grown strong on the bond between the artistic and the technical dimensions, traditionally being the foreground of technological innovation in the industry.  Nowadays the digital revolution constantly reshapes the production and post-production processes and the same role of the cinematographer, who, as responsible of the visuals in a much more complex environment than the past, must cope with continuous upgrade and training.   In this sense, TERRE DI CINEMA is proud to collaborate with world leading brands in order to provide the students and the specialized public attending its workshops with the latest high end equipments and accessories in the field of digital image acquisition and workflows.


Throughout its 95 years long history, ARRI has been associated with constant innovation and revolutionary technologies in all the domains of the cinematographic industry, from engineering, design and manufacture to post-production.  ARRI ITALIA, the Italian branch of the Munich based company, leaders in film and digital movie cameras, is a partner of TERRE DI CINEMA since the first edition of 2011.


D-Vision was founded in 2004, as the digital department of TECHNOVISION, one of Italy’s most prominent rental service companies for cinematographic and TV productions.  At that time, D-Vision was the first Italian company to consecrate itself exclusively to the digital realm, both for production and post-production high-end services.  It works every year on dozens of Italian and international sets, among the most recent productions: Via Castellana Bandiera (directed by Emma Dante, cinematography by Gherardo Gossi, AIC), La Grande Bellezza (directed by Paolo Sorrentino, cinematography by Luca Bigazzi).  D-Vision is a partner of TERRE DI CINEMA since the first edition of 2011.


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