We’re honoured to announce our partnership with the Brest European Short Film Festival, that will present a selection of their best short films in the brand new section called Brest@Terredicinema during the 2014 edition of our film festival.

The Brest European Short Film Festival, that celebrated in november 2013 its 29th edition, invites us on a journey every autumn, to discover the year’s production of short films.  Between earth and sea, the festival sails throughout Europe and brings together the best short films from Western and Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and Scandinavia in the European Competition.

In 2013, a new competition was born: the OVNI competition, a programme created to valorise a type of filmaking which involves risk-taking and continues to feed off freedom and creativeness. The Brest European Short Film Festival also has more thematic programmes such as Brest Off (crazy but endearing films to be watched on the sidelines of the competition), and Made in Breizh, a programme of short films promoted by the region. Another important part of the festival is Europe in Short, a programme that allows us to collaborate with festivals, film schools, and/or national cinematic broadcasting organizations in order to compose a rich and varied presentation. Through its Animation Panorama the Brest festival gives us a glimpse at the finest of today’s european animation cinema and the latest innovations in the creation of animated short films. The festival also offers a perspective adapted to every age group through three Young Audience programmes (from 3, 8 and 13 years old).

Get on board straight away for a journey full of discoveries, encounters and exchanges, every year in November with the Brest European Short Film Festival.



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