The 2016 Iris Award at TDC

And the winners are…


The 2016 Iris Award for Best Young Cinematographer goes to Jakob Kruger for his work in Inferno.

Jakob Kruger’s mature and evocative cinematography constitutes the narrative backbone of a very original and undaunted film.  The cinematographer brings to a higher level the non verbal narrative dimension of the film, fully expressing the director’s vision and take of this grainy story.

Inferno is a short film written and directed by German director Rico Mahel and produced by the German Film and Television Academy Berlin GmbH


The 2016 Iris Award for Best Young Director goes to Tushar Jalota for Muftiya.

A refreshing and witty comedy offering a passionate and honest insight into the Bollywood scene and the world orbitating around it, from the perspective of a guy chasing his breaktrough in the industry.  Tushar Jalota delivers a little gem of humour and wisdom, navigating with steady direction the evolving, puzzling and often cringing world of modern filmmaking intertwined with personal ambitions, dreams and often frustrations.

Muftiya is an Indian short film written and directed by Tushar Jalota, produced by Aashish Maini and Tushar Jalota for Silly Studios, Mumbai.



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