CINEMATOGRAPHY MASTERCLASS: Thursday September 5th, h 6 pm, Forza d’Agrò.

Cinelab Award for the Best Image at the Brussels Film Festival 2013 for “Jîn” – Golden Orange Award for the  best cinematography at Anthalya Film Festival 2012 for “I Don’t Like Sunday” – Golden Orange Award for the best cinematography at Anthalya Film Festival 2009 for “Kosmos” – 42th SİYAD Awards for the Best Photography for My only sunshine” – 39th SİYAD Awards for the Best Photography for Times and winds! – Special Mention for Photography at the Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival 2006 for “Times and winds”

Florent Herry (SBC) is a Belgian cinematographer born in Morlaix (Finistère) in 1963. He graduated from IAD – the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Belgium – and made his cinematography debut on the short film The Perme (1991) by Thibaud Staib and Emmanuel Sylvestre, followed by their feature film Andre le magnifique, winner of the Special Jury Award at the 2000 Paris Film Festival.

In 1998 Herry started his collaboration with Reha Erdem, one of the most prominent contemporary Turkish directors, as cinematographer on Erdem’s first feature Run for money (Kac para kac), Turkey’s official submission to the 73rd Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Since then Herry kept working on all the following films directed by Erdem, providing for each of them a very refined and complex visual style which granted him many awards in the best festivals around the world.

The first was delivered by the Association of Cinema Critics of the 39th SİYAD Awards: Best Cinematography for the film Times and Winds (Bes to vakit, 2006) – the story of three children living in a remote village in the mountains – for which he also got a special mention at the Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival 2006.

Then Only Sunshine (Hayat var, 2008) – also focusing on the life of a countryside teenage girl – got another Best Cinematography Award at 42th SİYAD Awards.

For Kosmos (Cosmos, 2009) – the story of a thief and shaman – premiering at the Panorama section of the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival – Herry won the prestigious Golden Orange Award at the 2009 Anthalya Film Festival , where the film got other three other awards, including Best Film and Best Director.

The Anthalya Film Festival would award Herry again, three years later, for his cinematography on the film I don’t like Sunday (Pazarlari hic sevmem) directed by Rezzan Tanyeli. More recently, Herry was honored with the Brussels International Film Festival’s Cinelab Awards for Jîn  (2013) – Erdem’s last feature, which premiered at the 2013 Berlin International Film Festival.

Besides, his successful collaboration with Reha Erdem, Herry has also worked often with documentary filmmaker Pierre Stine. He is currently engaged in the post-production of Erdem’s new feature Singing women.

Florent Herry is a member of SBC, the Belgian society of cinematographers.



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