EPILOGUE (Hayuta and Berl)

Epilogue 2

  Directed by  Amir Manor, Cinematography by Guy Raz (ISRAEL 2012, 96′).

screening: monday sept. 2nd 9:30 pm,  guest Guy Raz in competition for the New Cinematographers Award

cinematography masterclass with Guy Raz on monday sept. 2nd h 6 pm


Hayuta and Berl, an elderly couple, find it hard to adjust to today’s Israel and to the social changes surrounding them. After years of struggle, the two refuse to let go of their communal dreams, and of their revolutionary plans to build a welfare state in Israel. During a night of painful disillusionment, the two decide to leave their apartment for a last journey. “Three years ago I lost both my grandparents to cancer. Both were, for me, living models of the greatness of human spirit, and left a huge void. To the pain of their departure, more pain was added, when I saw how, in their hour of distress and anguish they were forced to realize the illusion of their most cherished beliefs. The solidarity nurtured by their lifelong work was swept away by personal interests. Joint responsibility, caring for others, reciprocity – all these were swept away by blind and alienated consumption relations, and despicable bureaucracy. This isn’t only a personal story. The film presents a painful portrayal of old age in Israel” (A.Manor)


Amir Manor, director and scriptwriter, grew up in Rishon Lezion (Israel). At the age of 18 he went on a year’s service on behalf of “Ha Noar Haoved Ve Halomed”, a socialist youth movement, in which his beliefs and ideologies were sculpted. He took part in educational enterprises of the movement and in communal groups across Israel. At 25 he left the movement to Jerusalem, where he worked as a socialfinancial journalist at “Kol Ha’ir” magazine. Later on he left to Tel Aviv’s “Ha’ir” magazine. After two years he joined the Israeli 60 minutes Uvda as a journalist and worked for “Ma’ariv”– one of the big daily newspapers in Israel. Amir is a graduate of the Film & Television Department at Tel Aviv University. His first film Reds (40 minutes) won the first prize for the Best Drama at the Jerusalem Film Festival 2007. Epilogue (Hayuta and Berl) is his first feature film.


Jerusalem IFF 2012 – Best Actor & Best Actress Awards / Venice Days 2012 / BFI London 2012 / Jewish IFF 2012 – Australia / Thessaloniki IFF 2012 – Special Jury Award for Originality and Innovation – Bronze Alexander, the Best Screenplay Award, the Human Values Award and the Fischer Audience Award/ Bratislava IFF 2012 – Best Actress & Best Actor, FEDEORA JURY award, STUDENT JURY Award / Gijon IFF 2012 – Best Actor & Best Script / Goa IFF 2012 / Tokyo Filmex 2012 – Grand Prize / Tbilisi FF 2012 / Chennai IFF 2012 / Pune IFF 2013 / Göteborg IFF 2013 / Istanbul IFF 2013 / Toronto Jewish IFF 2013 / Bucharest IFF 2013 – Best Director Award / Beijing IFF 2013 / Jeonju IFF 2013 / New York City IFF 2013 / Cinema City IFF 2013 – Serbia



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