Welcome DE SISTI Lighting

Mario De Sisti, founder of De Sisti lighting in 1982

We are thrilled to announce that top Italian brand De Sisti joins TDC as a Technical Partner making their revolutionary LED lighting technology available to the TDC22 CineCampus.

TDC goes green and welcome De Sisti as a new Technical Partner: thank you Fabio and Sergio De Sisti and Stefano Di Martino, General Sales Manager, for joining in!

From the 2022 Edition of the TDC CineCampus our students crews will only adopt environment friendly LED lighting having the unique opportunity to test their skills and shoot their films with the innovative LED technology made by De Sisti.

The TDC22 CineCampus will feature the new Muses of Light, which combine the intuition, genius and Ideas of Vittorio Storaro and Francesca Storaro, with the technology and production skill of De Sisti.

The internationally acclaimed Lighting Master in Cinematography and Graphic Arts Vittorio Storaro AIC, ASC, with the added skill, preparation and sensibility introduced by his daughter Francesca Storaro, Lighting Designer for high profile projects in the Architectural and Events sector, provide a great deal of multidiscipline and clear target to follow to the development group at De Sisti.

This Series of LED Lighting is designed taking inspiration by the nine Muses who represent the Arts in ancient times, plus one named Aurea, that symbolizes the Cinema, the Contemporary Visual Art.
The shared idea was to create a new series of LED lights, based on the ten geometrical shapes, following the concept of analogy between Primary Elements and Geometric Forms, from One to All.

With a beam angle ranging from 11º to 105º The Muses of Light series provide something no other LED lighting in the industry can do in terms of lighting output, spread, cleanness, contour and chroma city while massively reducing power consumption.

The Muses of Light by De Sisti & Vittorio Storaro AIC, ASC

The TDC22 CineCampus will also feature other unique fixtures De Sisti have focused their production on such as the new Soft LED Series and the Fresnel LED Series, both based on the exclusive Vari-White + Color LED technology granting an enhanced Color Rendition Index (CRI) higher than 95.

Fabio De Sisti presenting the new Vari-White + Color LED technology

We can’t wait to see what our students will be capable of achieving thanks to all this new range of possibilities offered by De Sisti and very much looking forward to the 2022 Edition of our CineCampus.



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