12 short films, 30 actors, 15 locations, 5,800 mt of film stock, 36 filmmakers coming from Italy, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the U.S. these are in short the numbers of the 2022 Terre di Cinema CineCampus.

Such a terrific community of fresh, new talents lived and intensively worked together for 15 days shooting their films in the amazing locations offered by the town of Catania, in Sicily: from the prestigious Palazzo Scammacca, Palazzo Biscari and Odeon Theatre against the spectacular backdrop of Old Catania’s baroque architecture to the pristine sea waters and lava rock bay of San Giovanni Li Cuti fishermen village.

The international vocation and nature of our CineCampus were mirrored by the composition of its team of mentors, helmed by German cinematographer Johannes Kirchlechner BVK and camera operator Martin Bethge BVK, and Italian cinematographer Osama Abou El Khair and camera operator Mauro Calanca, working together with the Sicilian team headed by cinematographer Prema Franceschini, TDC Coordinator Anita Onofrio and Directing Supervisor Michele Leonardi.

Terre di Cinema 2022 was made possible thanks to the outstanding support of a selected group of Technical Partners, gathering some of the most remarkable brands of the industry. Alongside Kodak Motion Picture Film, TDC Main Technical Partner, which provided each crew with 250D and 500t 35mm film stock, Cooke Optics, which provided a full set of S7 lenses for each crew, Panalight, providing film cameras and grip equipment, Augustus Color Lab providing the full scale of post-production services for film, this year’s edition welcomed the participation of ARRI and De Sisti Lighting, marking TDC switch to an environment friendly LED lighting only setup, and DOP Choice3 with their fine equipment and lighting modifiers.

During preproduction days TDC Technical Partners also provided for technical presentations and seminars with the participation of Carey Duffy, Director of Production Experience at Cooke Optics, Luca Swich, Marketing Coordinator and Business Development Manager for Arri Camera System and Lighting, Augusto Pelliccia and Ludovico Cantisani (Augustus Color Lab). TDC Director Vincenzo Condorelli AIC and Luciano Tovoli AIC, ASC – TDC Honorary Chairman – planned and supervised the course of activities inspired by the ultimate goal of transmitting the core values and skills inherent to shooting on film to the new generations of filmmakers worldwide.

Terre di Cinema – International Cinematographers Days and its CineCampus are officially part of the curricula of Fondazione Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Scuola Nazionale di Cinema – Italy’s National Film School – under the patronage of AIC – the Italian Society of Cinematographers, BVK- the German Society of Cinematographers and IMAGO – the International Federation of Cinematographers, with the official support of Catania Film Commission.



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